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Baylor Scott & White


Hospital/ Healthcare

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Casework/cabinet, Wall Paneling, Corian Countertops

Sunnyvale Millwork undertook a significant contract with Christman in 2014 to furnish and install AWI standard casework and countertops for Baylor Scott & White, a hospital project. This endeavor likely demanded careful planning and execution due to the sensitive environment of an active hospital.

Meeting strict deadlines and adhering to schedules would have been crucial to ensure minimal disruption to hospital operations. Installing Corian countertops for the reception desk, cabinets, and benches in waiting areas and reception areas would have contributed to creating welcoming and functional spaces for both visitors and healthcare workers alike.

The emphasis on providing a convenient workspace for healthcare workers underscores the importance of ergonomics and efficiency in a healthcare setting, where staff productivity and patient care are top priorities.

Successfully completing such a project demonstrates Sunnyvale Millwork's capability to handle complex installations in demanding environments while delivering high-quality products that meet the standards and needs of their clients.

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Sunnyvale Millwork has been successful in securing contracts across various sectors, including hospitals, hotels, religious institutions, and waiting areas.

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